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Button Drill Bit is Perfect for Hard Rock Drilling
Button Drill Bit is Perfect for Hard Rock Drilling

Button Drill Bit, Button Bit

A Button drill bitis extensively used in water wells, HDDs, geothermal drillers and oilfields for drilling hard rock. A Button bitoffers a number of benefits over a PDC drill bit. Nevertheless, the two most prominent advantages of these bits are highly affordable and have the ability of drilling through dolomite, gravels and very abrasive and hard limestone. It is this quality of the button bits that gives them the ability of withstanding huge impact. Button bits are also known as roller cones as they feature rotating cones containing tungsten carbide inserts. There are Tricones or the three cone bits that are quite popular in the market. But manufacturers are also into making one cone and two cone bits.

Button Bit

Speaking of button bit inserts, there are two classifications in this category. They are conical and chisel. The chisel inserts have a tendency to be greater aggressive in evaluation to the conical inserts. You can locate designs with a combination of each conical and chisel inserts. It is worth noting that tungsten carbide inserts are manufactured individually and then press fitted into pre-drilled holes in the cones of the button bits. Button bits, when compared to PDC bits, are more beneficial in that they require a small initial investment and their impact is way less damaging on the cutting structure.

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