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Down the hole drilling, Anchor drill bit, Tapered drill bit

Down-the-Hole Hammer drill is a percussive device in cylindrical form with an integral drill bit that is fitted directly onto the bottom of a drill string. DTH is one of the most efficient ways of drilling rock, using a rapid hammer action to break the rock into sizeable chips, which are then evacuated from the borehole by the air exhausted from the DTH Hammer. The technique provides fast drilling of accurately aligned, straight, and clean holes in most ground conditions.

Down the hole drilling

Down the hole drilling is vital to remember in rock extraction that blasting is the first phase of crushing. It is therefore vital that time and effort be spent on ensuring the hole size and overall blast design. The explosive loading is appropriate for the conditions to achieve good fragmentation, optimum productivity, safe, stable faces, and level floors at a minimal cost.

Anchor drill bit will be automatically discharged from the top of the hole on both sides, drill bit will not be blocked. The drills bit is made of high-speed steel with high hardness, rustproof, solid, durable, and excellent for use. The drill bit encompasses several brands tailored to individual market requirements, and whose products and services are also designed to improve quality of life.

Down the hole drilling

Tapered drill bit is a cutting tool used to remove material to create holes, almost always of circular cross-section. So we have chisel bits, cross bits, and button bits, all with various sizes, smooth designs, excellent quality, etc.

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