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Different Types of Rock Drilling Bit Available in the Market
Different Types of Rock Drilling Bit Available in the Market

Rock Drill Bit, Rock Drilling Bit

If you are in the look out of Rock drilling bit, you must know that there are different varieties of these bits available in the market. There are also basic bit designs offered by the manufacturers and dealers of a Rock drill bit. These include flat front, convex, rocket bit, concave and speed bit. These are trademark designs equipped with the ability of handling different varieties of rock drilling tasks, whether soft or hard, fractured or abrasive. The manufacturers of these bits have an all-inclusive assortment of rock drill bits strategically designed for matching all conceivable applications and industries.

Rock Drill Bit

The different varieties of rock drill bits available in the market include:

  • Top hammer drill bits
  • Atlas copcoserococ top hammer drill bits
  • Atlas copcoserococ down the hole drill bits
  • Tricone or rotary drill bits
  • Core drill bits
  • Atlas copco bit thirds
  • Atlas copcosymmetrixodex cluster drill bits
  • Utility pole drill bits

Rock Drilling Bit

The Manufacturing Procedure

Each rock drill bit is manufactured using top quality tungsten carbide steel. It is precision-machined for producing the perfect drilling equipment. Next, the bits are heat treated to the right hardness facilitating excellent fatigue resistance and surface compression. Manufactured in-house, these bits are specifically finished to desired shape and then fitted using button bits in the right size.

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