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Changhong famed for its best downhole drilling tools
Changhong famed for its best downhole drilling tools

For efficient downhole drilling, high performance downhole drilling tools become a perfect option, which can not only increase the productivity, but also reduce the operation cost. Changhong Mining, one of renowned downhole tools companies, famed for its extensive series of down the hole drilling tools, including DTH bits and DTH hammers, to suit all types of rock conditions such as hardness and corrosivity.

Choosing among the bountiful downhole tool designs is full of challenge. However, with the help of Changlong Mining’s knowledge and experience, we believe that our product is the best solution for those searching for the best accuracy and penetration of the downhole drilling tools. Whether it’s a fast or straight DTH drill bit, or a DTH hammer with foot valve or not, Changhong Mining manufactures and designs the best fit for you. Our success can be attributed to the persistence of taking best service and products as top priorities.


- We adopt advanced material technology and optimized design to ensure high productivity, high reliability and low operation cost.

- By bolstering air efficiency, you can get the lower fuel consumption.

- Industry leading cemented carbide ensures the best quality tools.

Why choose Changhong downhole drilling tools?

Changhong downhole drilling tools equipped with proprietary tungsten carbide buttons, are designed to last longer and drill further. Changhong DTH bits and hammers can deal with the most demanding applications, with the characteristics of the combination of resilience, hardness as well as strength.

Changhong Mining is a premier downhole tools company who boasts with more than 30 years experience in drilling industry. High quality raw material and advanced productive technology, rigorous testing method are the guarantee of the fineness of drill accessories. In addition, the favorable price and integrity service also play a pivotal role in the success of mining & engineering project. If you find the dth bits and hammers that suit for you, please contact us for your best solutions.



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