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Fetch Your Hard Rock Drilling Requirements with a Button Bit
Fetch Your Hard Rock Drilling Requirements with a Button Bit

Button Bit, Button Drill Bit

A Button bit is extensively used by water wells, geothermal drillers, HDD and oilfields for drilling hard rock. There are a number of benefits offered by a Button drill bit and these include:

  • Button drill bits are way more affordable than the other varieties of bits available in the market.
  • They have the potential of drilling through dolomite, gravels and abrasive and hard limestone. Thus, it can rightly be said that they have the ability of withstanding higher impact.
  • Button Bit

    Button drill bits are additionally acknowledged as curler cones due to the fact they function rotating cones containing tungsten carbide inserts. Then there are Tricones or the three bone bits that have additionally turn out to be pretty common. Nevertheless, the producers throughout the market are into making one cone and two cone bits.

    Product Description

    The tungsten carbide button bits are generally used in fields like civil engineering, tunnelling, mining and rock drilling. These bits fall into the category of mining and rock drilling tools. Their exclusive features and properties also make them the perfect bit to be used for oilfield drilling. As per the requirements of the different rigs required in oilfield drilling like DTH drill bit, roller bit, rock drill and geological drill, the button bits can come in different standard varieties. These include Z-spherical drill, Z-type, P-type flat-top drill and wedge drill.

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