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Anchor Drill Bit

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Drywall won't hold screws by itself. To attach or hang heavy items to walls, you will need to use a wall anchor. The type of anchor and the size of your hole for drilling the anchor will determine the size of the hole. Plastic Anchors Measure the shank of your drill bit against the anchor's front to determine the hole size. The shank should have the same diameter as the anchor, or 1/16 inches more to allow for the screw to pass through. Drill the hole using a bit that is the same diameter as the anchor's diameter. Heavy-duty wall anchors. Plastic or metal anchors can hold heavier weights, and they don't need to be as tight. The size of the hole that you require is determined by how close the wings are folded to the sleeves. Use a ruler to measure the dimensions. Anchors that are intended to be screwed directly into drywall are simpler to install.
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