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8 Inch High Air Pressure DTH Bits
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The drilling capability of CH drill bit is strong, reliable and low operating cost. Advanced production technology and exquisite design as well as high-quality materials, better performance, longer service life, simple durability. Therefore, our drilling tools are widely used in drilling and mining and other construction fields. We can't say that we are the first in China, but we are working hard to become a customer in my heart!

It is mainly used in geological exploration, coal mining, water conservancy and hydropower, highway, railway, bridge, building and so on.

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Specifications of 8 inch High Air Pressure DTH Bits
8 inch High Air Pressure DTH Bits
DHD380 (COP84) THE Drill Head Diameter(mm) NO.Air Holes Gauge Buttons Front Buttons Weight(KG)
195 3 9XØ18 9XØ16 33
203 2 10XØ18 13XØ16 40
216 2 10XØ18 14XØ16 49
254 3 12XØ18 17XØ16 71
305 4 12XØ18 29XØ16 95
195 3 9XØ18 9XØ16 32
203 2 10XØ18 12XØ16 37
216 2 10XØ18 14XØ16 48
254 2 12XØ18 21XØ16 70
305 4 12XØ18 29XØ16 94
QL8 195 3 9XØ18 9XØ16 32
203 2 10XØ18 13XØ16 35
216 2 10XØ18 14XØ16 49
254 2 12XØ18 21XØ16 71
305 4 12XØ18 29XØ16 95
Mission 80 203 2 10XØ18 13XØ16 35
216 2 10XØ18 14XØ16 40
241 2 12XØ18 18XØ16 54
254 2 12XØ18 21XØ16 57
305 4 12XØ18 29XØ16 77

Production Process

The life of the DTH bit depends on the material and technology of the bit. Our drill bit is made of the most efficient high quality alloy steel.Use quality forged steel, heat treatment and shot peening to provide a durable and reliable balance of strength and toughness..

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☑ We will provide more precisely and efficiently manufacture and serve according to clients' drawings.
☑ We have professional QC team to ensure your product more better.
☑ Check the raw material before starting production.
☑ Have the random inspection during the processing.
☑ Make the 100% inspection before the shipments.
☑ We have been engaged in tapered cross bit for more than 20 years.
☑ apered cross with conical pipe drilling perfect;
☑ Reliable work, high cost performance;
☑ Accurate the dimension of taper degree perfectly matches the rods;
☑ High grade tungsten carbide inserts;
☑ The drill bit is made of high quality steel and uses the most advanced CNC machinery and heat treatment process.
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