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Provide a series of high-pressure DTH bits
Provide a series of high-pressure DTH bits

Changhong Mining is a company that specializes in supplying high-quality tungsten drill bits and DTH hammers, which has developed a series of high-end alloy teeth for various rock hardness. Our high-pressure drill bits sale has the advantages of strong pertinence and complete categories, and is well recognized and praised by customers.


In recent years, due to the increasing market demand, the demand for high pressure DTH bit technology has been also increasingly enhanced. Changhong Mining has been devoted to the technical research and development of high-pressure down the hole drill bits to meet the needs. With respect to dth hammers bits, it can be differentiated into four main types used end face designs: the depressed center type, concave type, convex type, flat type.


  1. Center depression type: When using soft to medium hard and cracked rock formations, in order to obtain a fast drilling speed and less blast hole deflection, high wind pressure DTH drill bits usually adopt this head shape.
  2. Concave shape: This head shape is suitable for all rock formations, especially in medium-hard and uniform rock formations. The blast hole deflection rate is small, and the slag discharge effect is good.
  3. Convex type:This shape is suitable for drilling soft to medium-hard rock formations, and the steel body of the drill bit is not easy to wear. It is characterized by low tooth load, serious wear and fast drilling speed.
  4. Plane type: This plane type head is suitable for drilling very hard rock formations and highly abrasive rock formations under high wind pressure. At this time, the faster the drilling speed, the less wear of the drill body.


In actual use, we choose dth drilling bits according to the rock conditions (such as hardness, corrosivity), and the type of drilling rig (such as high air pressure, low air pressure). It is imperative to innovate the technology of the drill bit with high air pressure.


The carbide tooth profile selection of carbide tipped drill bits are mainly domed/round button, parabolic/semi-ballistic button, ballistic button, and sharp button.

  1. Domed/Round Button: It suits abrasive and very hard rocks, mainly used as side teeth of DTH hammer bits.
  2. Parabolic/Semi-Ballistic Button:It suits medium abrasive and relatively hard rock, mainly used as side tooth and middle tooth of dth bits.
  3. Ballistic Button: It suits rocks with medium abrasiveness and medium hardness, mainly used as the middle teeth of dth button bits. Edge teeth is also suited to the soft rock.
  4. Sharp Button: It suits soft rock formations with high drilling speed and low tooth-breaking rate, mainly used as the middle teeth of down hole hammer bits.


We select high-quality materials, advanced technology and equipment, and strict testing methods to provide high-quality drill bit sets for sale that meet market needs.



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