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The advantages of gas down-the-hole hammer drilling.
The advantages of gas down-the-hole hammer drilling.

①High drilling potency-DTH hammer drilling efficiency is high, particularly once drilling in arduous rock, it's several to many tens of times beyond standard rotary drilling methods. For example, when drilling in silicified stone with drillability of grade 7-8, the hourly footage will reach 20-30m, and also the average shift footage is more than 100m.

②Long lifetime of the drill bit-drilling with a down-the-hole hammer, a button bit can drill 50m in hard granite and 1000m in limestone.

③Low drilling pressure required-for example, when employing a roller cone bit with a diameter of 171mm for rotary drilling, the drilling pressure is 1.2×102kN, whereas drilling with a down-the-hole hammer (220mm drill bit) solely needs drilling pressure of 13~18kN. reach an honest drilling result. because of the low drilling pressure, not only the force condition of the drill pipe is improved, however the rotating force is additionally reduced, gap the manner for drilling giant diameter wells (holes).

④Good anti-deflection effect——DTH hammer drilling encompasses a good anti-deflection effect due to low drilling pressure and quick footage.


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