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What are the Benefits of Down The Hole Drilling?
What are the Benefits of Down The Hole Drilling?

Down the hole drilling, Dth hammer, Rock drilling bit

A Down the hole drilling is the most critical component on a drill rig, and the DTH system has numerous advantages over other options. The top Dth hammer system can provide satisfactory results in stiff uniform rock conditions for short holes, but they will most likely struggle in deep and soft ground with huge diameters.

The DTH system is the most adaptable and may be utilized successfully in various ground conditions ranging from soft to medium to very hard.

The DTH system, generates clean, truly aligned boreholes at high drilling rates with little operational cost, can drill small diameter holes and deep holes.

The DTH system has a few distinctive features:

  • Capable of drilling in practically any type of ground.
  • Constant energy behind the bit allows for faster drilling with less power loss and better hole accuracy.
  • Hole alignment is improved by using a rigid drill string.
  • The air flowing through the hole ensures efficient flushing and cleaner holes. With the same hammer, you may make a variety of hole diameters.
  • Service and Maintenance are simple.
  • Extensive chip drilling allows for faster drilling with less dust.

Open Pit Mining, Aggregates Blast Hole – Water Well –Rock Anchor – Ground Consolidation – Pile –Directional and Mineral Exploration Drilling are essential factors for users working in the drilling industry.

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