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What is DTH drilling?
What is DTH drilling?

DTH is essentially a down-the-hole drilling process that uses a drilling hammer to drill through a string of drilling. It uses three elements to drill holes: bit loading (weight), air, and rotation. These elements are combined to crush rock efficiently. The drilling hammer is pushed into the rock repeatedly as the drill string rotates slowly. Compressed air drives a piston within the hammer to provide striking power.

It is used where?

DTH drilling is used in many industries, including mining (blast hole drilling), construction, drilling water wells and the oil and gas sector.

DTH benefits

DTH drilling has several advantages over top-hammer drills for drilling larger holes in medium-hard formations. The hole's depth is limited by the power loss of the hammer. This means that energy is not lost in drill strings and penetration rates don't decrease with depth, provided that the back pressure in the borehole does not increase significantly. DTH drilling is best suited for holes with diameters between 4-10 inches. There are some exceptions.

Air power compressed

The DTH Hammer is pneumatically powered and compressed air propels it forward to impact or fracture rock. The drill bit is also compressed air, which travels into the hole through the hole (air exhaust), and blows out the dust and chips.

Quieter drilling

DTH is an environmentally and socially responsible option. It produces less noise and vibration than other drilling methods. It is a quieter drilling method, making it a preferred option for urban areas and densely populated areas.

Step 1: Dependable Blasthole Drills

It's not difficult to understand blasthole drills and rigs. These are used to drill a hole in the rock surface, pack the hole with explosives, and then explode the explosives to detonate the blasthole. This will cause the blasthole to burst rock and other hard minerals and make them easier to remove. Download our guide to choosing the right rock drill.


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