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Changhong provides the most comprehensive range of DTH hammers
Changhong provides the most comprehensive range of DTH hammers

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Speaking of rock drilling, it’s a specialized job that is in need of downhole drilling tools and drilling equipment to back it up and make your work safer and more efficient. As an old saying goes, “Hard as a rock”, it means the difficulty in rock drilling and the need to utilize the drilling equipment. In modern society, we often see drilling accessories such as DTH hammers and DTH bits used in the mining, construction site, tunnel and water well for the purpose of mining, excavation and construction.


Changhong Mining is a full service downhole tools company of drilling equipment such as DTH hammers, DTH bits. Used to penetrate the Earth’s surface, our down the hole hammer for sale has been built with latest technology to help your drilling job faster and better.


  • The optimum range of hole size for DTH hammer models: 64mm to 1000 mm (2-1 / 2" to 39-3 / 8").
  • DTH hammer types: low pressure (5 to 7 bar), medium pressure ( 7 to 15 bar) and high pressure (7 to 30 bar).
  • DTH hammer's shank type: DHD, QL, SF, COP, Mission, SD, BR, CIR and ACD series. And DTH hammers with a diameter of 2 inches to 8 inches are for mining and quarrying, while those with a diameter of 6 inches to 32 inches are for water well drilling, oil well drilling, foundation, etc.


Specifications of our high pressure DTH hammer drilling

Size Bit Shank Connection Thread Connection Thread
2" BR2/HD25 RD50 box 70-90mm
3" DHD3.5/COP32/COP34/QL30/M30/BR3/BR33/XL3/Mach303 API 2 3/8" Reg 90-110mm
4" DHD340/COP44/QL40/SD4/M40/ API 2 3/8" Reg 110-135mm
Mach44/TD40(COP44 gold)
5" DHD350/COP54/QL50/SD5/M50 API 2 3/8" Reg 135-155mm
API 3 1/2" Reg
6" DHD360/COP64/QL60/SD6/M60/TD60 (COP64 gold) API 3 1/2" Reg 155-190mm
8" DHD380/COP84/QL80/SD8/M80 API 4 1/2" Reg 195-254mm
10" SD10/NUMA100 API 6 5/8" Reg 254-311mm
12" DHD1120/NUMA120/NUMA125 API 6 5/8" Reg 305-445mm

How to choose the right DTH hammer?

When it comes to selecting the right DTH hammer, we should take the drilling machine(mainly the output power of the compressor), hole size and rock formation type into consideration. Undoubtedly, the hammer size should match with the hole size required. In addition, sufficient space should be left for compressed air to flush debris and clean holes.


The optimum diameter range of blasting hole determined by DTH method is 90~254 mm (3-1 / 2"~10") with 3.5~8" hammer. Usually, top hammer tools are a great option for smaller blast holes, while rotary drilling tools are suited to larger holes.


Normally, the minimum hole diameter that down hole hammer can drill is its nominal size. That is, a standard 102 mm (4 ") hammer will drill a hole with a minimum diameter of 102 mm (4"). The reduction of hole diameter caused by diameter wear of the drill bit can result in the limitation of airflow, which can impact the outside diameter of the DTH hammer. The maximum hole size for production drills is the nominal hammer size plus 1". For example, the maximum hole size is 5’’ when it comes with a 4’’ DTH hammer.


DTH hammer made by Changhong is purpose-built for all types of rock and drilling conditions. It’s often the case that for shallow water well drilling and underground drilling, the standard design is the best option. For the harsh conditions of abrasive formation, QM (quarry Master) version is the best choice.


Changhong provides the most comprehensive range of DTH hammers and hammer solutions for multiple applications, such as water well digging, tunnel, mining and oil well drilling. Our DTH hammer has a simple structure, convenient assembly and disassembly, reliable quality and long service life. Welcome to send drawings to us, we will manufacture and design more efficient and precise downhole drilling tools.




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